Naughty Caitlyn Cumgusher from

Caitlyn Cumgusher has a nice pair of lactating tits and a huge dick to present for your amusement. This naughty futanaria girl begins seductively fondling her round boobs and teasing her long meat pole. As she gets hornier, she adds more pressure on her juggs until milk shoots from her pink nipples.

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Caitlyn Cumgusher is a nasty girl indeed and you can watch it here how she uses her breast milk to lube her thick shaft. Later on, this futanaria chick tosses off her cock like crazy and squeezes her melons making you thirsty for that tasty milk. When she is done with this kinky self amusement, the whole room is covered in her cock and tit juices!

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    James Roland

    She is really pretty

    Malik Hagan



    That must be a real cock. Cause I found a video of Caitlyn fucking a blow up doll with that monster piece and I noticed she was having trouble staying hard.


    Caitlyn is OUTSTANDING !!!! When will she perform in San Diego ???


    episode “Lactation and Masturbation”

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