Lana Lovelimbs

Fucking Her While She Phones

Face the selfie session of these busty beauties like a man should. Take your hard one out of the pants and jerk it off restlessly while the dickgirls are enjoying themselves taking pictures now and then. This is a remarkable party of a pair of dirty sluts not being restricting to themselves in any way. […]

Hardcore Cock Contest

When four curvy futanaria dick-girls have nothing to do they start stuffing their cute heads with extremely arousing ideas! You don’t believe me? Have a look at this vicious love-tool competition filmed and uploaded for your enjoyment! The sultry babes start all right and do the interview part just fine but no sooner they begin […]

Girlsfriends Punishing Misbehaving Husband
Girlsfriends Punishing Misbehaving Husband

One day futanaria wife saw her man touching other woman’s butt as they said goodbye. He behaved like a trator who had to be punished. A week later she invited Abby Armshlong around to seduce her husband and later teach him a lesson that he would definitely learn.          The girlfriend easily seduced the cheating […]

Business Women With Bulges
Business Women with Bulges

This is a fine example of a qualitative content that delivers even more fantasies to your reality than initially expected. It is common to dream of a pair of naughty office beauties who are looking awesomely sharp dressed proper makeup and surely know what a raunchy gaze is thinking of. Well, this time it is […]

Cum Food Tasting Party
Cum Food Tasting Party

Its feast time! But what will they be feeding each other? Oh its a fresh warm portion of stinky cum! The futanaria whores are all for it! They need its scent and taste! First things first. They need someone to blow her load in a special cup that everyone will be tasting it from. I […]

Cock Talk Show Spermathon

What is better for a girl – to have one cock that is as long as her whole arm or to have at her disposal a couple of impressive hard dicks? No, I don’t mean something as hackneyed as sleeping with one or two lovers in turns. I mean, really be equipped with fully functional […]

Egomaniacal Masturbation
Egomaniacal Masturbation

Lana is absolutely unique even by futa standards. Unlike all other dick-girls, she is equipped with a monstrous double cock! Imagine possessing two perfect shafts instead of one! It means double erection, double penetration and double orgasms as well! Looks like any man’s head would explode under the same circumstances. But naughty plump baby with […]

Futanaria Nymphos Wearing Nylons

Nylon fetish fans should prepare for a terrific view – beautiful girls Lana, Porsha & Rachel wearing transparent shorts that show their huge futanari cocks play arousing sex games full of lust and wild desires.          When you have a massive cock & three juicy fuck-holes in each person, the spectacle will soon turn from […]

Hardcore Horn Dog Show

Majestic futanaria babes Lana and Porsha love coming together because they have so much fucking fun! This time they find hot dick-girl Rachel to play with. They make her behave like a dog, they make her stand on all four, train her and make the silly doll do everything their dirty minds crave for.          […]

Coffee Break Full Of Cocks

When you meet sweet girls Adela, Dana & Lana sitting in a café how many cocks do you expect to see? Would you say none of them? Right if it is not the case of facing naughty futanari girls!          The threesome is unique because the dolls have five perfect cocks for three of them […]

Sex Bullies

Do you know what happens when three hot schoolgirls in super short checked skirts blessed with huge cocks come together to have fun? You can expect to see the most mind-blowing futanari sex story in your life!          Watch the naughty playful chicks sucking each other’s nipples, teasing huge meaty cocks and giving the holes […]

Teasing With Two Cocks

Don’t you think it is time for something really hot and stunning? No matter how rich your previous sex experience is, you will love watching a cute Asian futanari girl Lana playing with her two huge meaty cocks.          Incredible, but there are two of them hanging from her tiny white panties – long, fat […]

Sharing semen with Santa

X-mas is the time for having fun. Porsha, Rachel and Sabrina had the same wish typical for all futanari girl – experiencing the hottest sex encounter in their lives! Little did they know that Santa who received their letters was another lustful dick-girl Lana aching for new sex impressions. Watch the four jaw-dropping beauties equipped […]

Lana Lovelimbs aka Jessica Bangkok and her double cock

This Asian hottie with two cocks is much better known as Jessica Bangkok. She stars in many adult movies and she is known for their skills with cock. She often takes part in heavy gangbang action and in nasty group sex scenes. Also, she loves wearing uniforms and other kinky outfits and we can often […]

Cock Snatching Rapists
Futanaria domination party at its full swing

White-ass candy Abby Armshlong is in trouble. She tried messing with futanaria beauties Lana Lovelimbs and Hailey Hardhumper and she’s going to get punished for it. The stacked ebony starlet will grab her by the arms and bring her down on the floor forcefully. Already feel like you know what is going to end up […]

Sperm Soaked Bed Sheets
Two-dicked beauty getting a double handjob

Lana Lovelimbs can tell you that her two huge cocks can both be a blessing and a curse sometimes – she is frequently forced into finding totally reckless (and usually totally wasted) chicks who don’t mind extreme DPs. Tonight she is lucky though – her sex hunger is about to be satisfied by her kitty […]

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