Busting the Boss’s Balls

Pamela is a rather strict bitch boss demanding the highest standard service from her employees being two cute bitches Jessica and Nicole. Traditionally on Fridays the bitch boss holds meetings on which the whores should give a precise activity report. However sexy whores know well how to calm down their boss being a real whore equipped with gigantic cock.

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Horny babes take out their own futa fucking tools and turn a meeting into a hardcore futanaria fucking orgy with dickgirls satisfying the gigantic dick of their bitch boss and teasing their own fucking tools thus Pamela forgets totally about the job! Sexy dick babes lick the cock and play with the balls caressing them with their spicy tongues. When the boss cock gets its extreme delight the dick-whores open their ass holes and get a huge load of sperm on their butts and ass holes!

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