Dickgirls in Detention


Futanaria girls are always sexy and unbearably naughty, no matter how old they are! This is a story of a typical school punishment that did not work. Two vicious dick-girls were caught in the act masturbating during their lessons. Each of them received a detention and was told to stay in an empty classroom waiting for a psychologist to come. No sooner the educator left, naughty hands of the girls grabbed their xxxl shafts and they started seducing each other! You have a unique chance to see a blond and a brunette teen going wild with lust in the classroom and starting applying their massive love tools. The action is so hot you don’t hesitate the school expert is bound to join in as soon as she comes!

Dickgirls-Futanaria-thumb-1 Dickgirls-Futanaria-thumb-2 Dickgirls-Futanaria-thumb-3 Dickgirls-Futanaria-thumb-4 Dickgirls-Futanaria-thumb-5 Dickgirls-Futanaria-thumb-6 Dickgirls-Futanaria-thumb-7 Dickgirls-Futanaria-thumb-8

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