Caitlyn Cumgusher aka …?


Caitlyn Cumgusher must be the most mysterious and popular futanari girl
There is not much information about her apart from website and she is barely known in the porn industry world though she was seen in a few movies.

Now for all those of you who dream to see Caitlyn farting under the name of Samantha can download a video with her from the website devoted to farting girls –

She was also spotted in the Amateur Anal Attemps #19 movie under the name of Heather.

No Caitlyn fan will ever be able to find more photos and videos with this seductive babe elsewhere but the futanaria site.

She never stopped pleasing us with new movies even when pregnant and I hope she will keep on pleasing us!

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If someone knows other names she used in her movies, please share the information below in the comments. I’ll appreciate it.

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Model Names:

    Where did the picture of Caitlyn on the right come from


      somewhere in google…

    Timothy Marshall

    What is Caitlyn’s measurements?

    Caitlyn Fan

    She was also “Heather” (with her BF/Husband Alex) in Cherries 67:, also by Homegrown Video.

    I’m not aware of any other adult work she’s done. I didn’t know about under the name Samantha, but unfortunately, that type of fetish just doesn’t interest me.


    Her real name is heather ****** *****. Tiny girl with huge tits.


      She does not work in a niche now


    hello i want see you or email, please send a photo for you , you are very sexy and very nice, see you

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