Draining Her Bloated Balls

You will never believe your eyes when you will see the size of her giant balls! It is simply useless to hide them under clothes or panties because they will fall out of any lingerie or outfit. So, the kinky chocolate sweetie simply wears no clothes. Her best girlfriend is blessed with a long cock as well but her balls are of normal size and cannot compete with her lover’s huge balls.

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So, two stunning babes sit on the couch next to each other and play with their natural toys. Naughty chicks squeeze, rub and caress each other’s balls and dicks till they both cum all over their hot smoking bodies.

Sure, monstrous balls give a huge fountain of sticky love juice that can easily satisfy the thirst of a whole crowd. What is also very strange, one skinny ebony hottie manages to drain those bloated balls during one fantastic action.

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