Tutoring With Tough Love

Holly hotdog is the kind of tutor you shouldn’t be messing with. If she tells you to learn this shit you’d better do as you are told for nothing will save your skinny ass if you fail to meet her expectations. You might have thought that hot-ass teachers are for teasing and seducing. Well, this is not the case. And we’re not talking about affection or something. Your humble ass will get fucked each time this futanaria considers you to be unprepared for her class.

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Get your shit together and behave like a proper student should. FutaFemdom.com shows a bright example of an educational process that a bully or a stupid pupil should be subjected to.

With every mistake you make her cock is getting bigger and once its top can be perceived, boy, Lord shall have no mercy on your stupid ass. Have fun and check out other episodes!

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