Kelsey KingDong aka Kelsey Obsession

No man has the power to resist the beauty of Kelsey Obsession. Her filmography contains every single pose a man has ever dreamed of. If you’re one of those who have spent at least one evening stroking their toys to this babe, then you are sure to be excited to see her as Kelsey KingDong. This is a wild futanaria with a dick this big muthafaka. And we mean it. Check out her new series and of course, you may feel free to get back the good old movies that you’ve seen years ago. She’s lovely in every way!

Kelsey KingDong

You know that you will be obsessed with this stunning beauty with the very first glimpse of the eye that you cast upon her.

Kelsey-KingDong-Obsession-thumb-1 Kelsey-KingDong-Obsession-thumb-2 Kelsey-KingDong-Obsession-thumb-3 Kelsey-KingDong-Obsession-thumb-4 Kelsey-KingDong-Obsession-thumb-5 Kelsey-KingDong-Obsession-thumb-6 Kelsey-KingDong-Obsession-thumb-7 Kelsey-KingDong-Obsession-thumb-8 

Savage, wild and tempting as hell Kelsey Obsession know just what any man wants to see. You will inevitably see her best sides and of course the rear side that is of the most exciting shape. Every time she moves her fingers around the feminine spots she will sigh and that moment will make your boner shiver. Grab your balls and enjoy the show of the seductive Kelsey Obsession.

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Model Names:
    Sven Reffel


    Sven Reffel

    My Futanaria-Favorite:
    1.) Kelsey Kingdong
    2.) Casey Cummings
    3.) Heidi Huge Tube

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