Connie Couplecocks aka Ingrid Mouth

The wild furia who is known as Ingrid Mouth is a USA sex lover who started exploring her abilities as a futanaria not that long ago. You may know her by the fabulous gangbang movies that she’s done like a good girl should, namely – wholeheartedly allowing the boys to enjoy her curves and of course accepted every drop of manly cum on her seductive shape. That is the kind of a porn star who works cause she likes it. Or perhaps she’s just a fuck star who knows how to work.


The long story short, you can now enjoy her futa character carrying two massive dicks aboard.

Connie Couplecocks is a long legged cum longing futanaria who is always ready to slap her partner with those toys and make her girlfriends smear the tons of cum she pours on them. Explore her futanaria filmography and sign up for new updates if you’re into her new character. She is as good working with those dicks as she is with her fabulous lips when it comes to teasing another futanaria.

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    Hi, Connie Couplecocks
    You can fuck me in the both cock!
    Love, Tell

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