Two futanaria girls in the bed

You never know where you are with futa girls! Believe it or not, but sweet Felicia and her companion Shannon Shaftin did not mean anything wrong when they went to bed the evening before. The travel agency made a mistake and the girls were given a one-bedroom suit with a king-size bed instead of a suit with two separate bedrooms. As a result the dolls’ libidos run riot when the sultry babes were fast asleep. As a result both dick girls woke up dangerously close to each other revealing perfect hardons.

Two-futanaria-girls-in-the-bed-thumb-01 Two-futanaria-girls-in-the-bed-thumb-02 Two-futanaria-girls-in-the-bed-thumb-03 Two-futanaria-girls-in-the-bed-thumb-04 Two-futanaria-girls-in-the-bed-thumb-05 Two-futanaria-girls-in-the-bed-thumb-06 Two-futanaria-girls-in-the-bed-thumb-07 Two-futanaria-girls-in-the-bed-thumb-08 

Who could resist such a temptation? Not our sex-obsessed teens! The lustful girls started teasing each other’s hottest spots and ended up polishing each other’s monstrous manhoods! You can see every dirty detail as soon as you join us and watch this HD full-length movie. Do not waste you time! Taste unrestricted futanaria heat today!

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