Sarina Scrotumax aka Sasha Banks


Sarina Scrotumax the young wild ebony queen of cumshots who is not yet notorious for anything just like prolific she is not.
The small period of time this beauty spent spreading her legs brought no world fame to her sexy ass. Being quite hungry for attention and rumours of any time she is more than just happy to present you with her new character, the owner of the fattest dick ever – Sasha Banks.

You know the world of futanaria is not an easy place for a shy girl, that is why Sasha grew herself a big fat cock with the elephant size balls that will surely cover half of the body of that poor soul that will find itself beneath Sasha Banks.
Feel free to explore the new episodes of her and enjoy the bedazzling cock’s action. For those, who are familiar with Sarina already – the picture of a lady not able to hide the enormous tool might draw your attention to her yet undisclosed skills.

We wish Miss Scrotumax all the best and hope to see more of her characters in any genre.

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Model Names:

    Her twitter – @WhooooIsSasha

    Kevin Coln


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