Innocent futanaria kitty getting spoilt

Rachel Ramrod is just an innocent young futanaria beauty who is terribly ashamed of her enormous cock that would have fit a stallion better than a teen girl but… Don’t worry, there’s someone who can teach her to love her exceptional physique. That someone is experienced Mistress Felicia Femwood – a really open-minded and slightly dominant dickgirl.

Corrupting-a-Cunt-with-a-Cock-thumb-01 Corrupting-a-Cunt-with-a-Cock-thumb-02 Corrupting-a-Cunt-with-a-Cock-thumb-03 Corrupting-a-Cunt-with-a-Cock-thumb-04 Corrupting-a-Cunt-with-a-Cock-thumb-05 Corrupting-a-Cunt-with-a-Cock-thumb-06 Corrupting-a-Cunt-with-a-Cock-thumb-07 Corrupting-a-Cunt-with-a-Cock-thumb-08 

She will start off by sucking Rachel into a full erection and then she will totally break her in, punishing her for an unexpected XXL cumshot with some rough face fucking. Those watery eyes that look up on her when Rachel is gagging down on her cock, almost choking… That’s the most arousing view ever! Taste the real futanari domination!

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