Claire Cucumber aka Ella Nova

The pretty blonde with cute little titties has grown herself a huge piece of a sex tool right between her legs and is now known by the name of Claire Cucumber. The name just says for itself. She represents a kind of futanaria that you will be glad be friends with.


The cock is a real masterpiece – the always ready to be stroken, sucked or simply dearly held with both hands or lips. Take better look at the lovely face and you will surely notice the experienced glance in her eyes.

Ella Nova like to play, check her videos to find a devastatingly awesome desire to participate in every fucking minute of the videos that she acts in. She enjoys what she does and it is this feature that brings a dirty sparkle to her movies. Ella is young, sey and like to experiment. Claire Cucumber is something she surely wouldn’t regret creating.

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    Hi, Ella Nova
    You are hot & sexy is hell! You can fuck me in ass with are big cock!
    Love Tell

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