Let Me Fuck You and You Can Fuck Me

Isn’t it great to have a buddy with benefits? Pixie Python is a lucky gal that sure as hell has got some serious benefit beneath that skirt. She found herself a boyfriend who is happy enough to offer his dick in exchange for hers.

 Let-Me-Fuck-You-and-You-Can-Fuck-Me-thumb-01 Let-Me-Fuck-You-and-You-Can-Fuck-Me-thumb-02 Let-Me-Fuck-You-and-You-Can-Fuck-Me-thumb-03 Let-Me-Fuck-You-and-You-Can-Fuck-Me-thumb-04Let-Me-Fuck-You-and-You-Can-Fuck-Me-thumb-05 Let-Me-Fuck-You-and-You-Can-Fuck-Me-thumb-06Let-Me-Fuck-You-and-You-Can-Fuck-Me-thumb-07 Let-Me-Fuck-You-and-You-Can-Fuck-Me-thumb-08

The lovers are so intense in bed, they would gladly please each other and why not do it simultaneously?! Its double pleasure with double benefits and the buddies are willing to try it. Weird though, the culmination is what they both long to experience at the same time. The busty lady will tease that manly dick with her lips and her lover will deepthroat himself with his lady’s boner.

The tricky part will be the one with the female’s cock pounding gently her man’s anus. Those two perverts know how to party!

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    M imran

    Futanaria girlfriend

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