Ejaculation Hypnosis

Well, well… looks like a futanari whore is experiencing severe cum congestion. The poor bitch wants to cum so much but cannot cope with the tool she owns. A perfect futanari nurse would come in just handy.

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Watch the two holes working hard to make the patient cum hard as fuck. Sit back, grab your bones and watch the medical procedures executed by a true professional. The ladies feel excitement as the skirt goes up to enclose the big-ass dick that surely needs to cum. You can tell it by simply looking at it. It’s a fucking sex machine that was made to cum horny bitches with cum from head to feet. Girls want it real bad, its in the burse’s eyes.

The atmosphere escalades as the patients start to moan, the two sluts are enjoying the hypnosis and the doc seems to be having all the fun stroking the meaty cock. Just one more stroke and the horny slut seems to be ejaculating the massive load of cum straight on the cum longing nurse.

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