Futanaria slumber party ending up real nasty

Used to perceiving college girls’ slumber parties as gatherings of teen dykes? Well, you are damn right – and this futanaria porn shoot is here to prove it. The girls enjoying a 101 slumber party in front of your eyes are Shannon Shaftin and Felicia Femwood – both of them dickgirls with really nice-sized dongs.

Pitching-Tents-in-Pijamas-thumb-01 Pitching-Tents-in-Pijamas-thumb-02 Pitching-Tents-in-Pijamas-thumb-03 Pitching-Tents-in-Pijamas-thumb-04 Pitching-Tents-in-Pijamas-thumb-05 Pitching-Tents-in-Pijamas-thumb-06 Pitching-Tents-in-Pijamas-thumb-07 Pitching-Tents-in-Pijamas-thumb-08 

The latter of them is gifted not only physically. Her oral skills have turned her into a real legend already and tonight you will get to see what’s so special about them. Frankly, the way Felicia sucks her girlfriends’ cocks is always plain fascinating – and very exciting too. Watch her yummy down on Shannon’s rod till it pops staining everything in their cute little bedroom with cum!

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